Green Infrastructure Guidance Manual for New Jersey

The Green Infrastructure Guidance Manual for New Jersey will act as a tool for planning and design professionals looking to retrofit green infrastructure practices into existing development.  

The manual is available for viewing HERE

The companion brochure to the manual, Green Infrastructure Guidance for Reducing the Impacts of Impervious Cover on Water Quality, is available for viewing HERE.

The following documents are available for download:

Stormwater Tree Bed Guidance Manual

Stormwater Tree Bed Guidance for the Use of Street Trees as Stormwater Management Tools, March 2023, BROCHURE SIZE PDF & LETTER SIZE PDF

This document has been prepared by the Water Resources Program in partnership with the New Jersey Urban and Community Forestry Program and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. This work is intended to provide guidance for the design and implementation of stormwater tree bed practices throughout New Jersey.

  • Engineering Details for Stormwater Tree Beds, December 2022, PDF; DWG

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