Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Water Resources Program]

Rain Garden Rebate Program

Keep the rain from the drain with a rain garden for cleaner water in your local stream. 
A rain garden is a landscaped area that collects rain and lets it soak into the ground.

The Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) Water Resources Program has partnered with the New Jersey Water Supply Authority (NJWSA) Watershed Protection Program to offer rebates to homeowners that build rain gardens. This program was initially piloted in Somerville, NJ during the summer of 2013.  For the spring of 2014, the program will be offered in Bridgewater, Raritan, and Somerville, NJ.          


The Rain Garden Rebate Program will educate residents on how they can build beautiful gardens that help keep the rain from the drain.  Community workshops will be offered to teach homeowners about rain gardens.  These workshops will focus on the design of the rain garden and what plants can be used.  Technical workshops will be offered where designers will provide homeowners with custom rain garden designs for their property.

Rebates will be provided to homeowners to offset the cost to install a rain garden on their property.  Rebates will be in the amount of $3 per square foot of garden up to $450 per lot.

To qualify for a rebate, you must:

  • First, attend one community workshop
  • Second, after attending the community workshop, attend a technical workshop where you can meet with a Rutgers design professional to plan and lay out your garden
    design a rain garden on your own and have it approved by the RCE Water Resources Program
  • Third, install your rain garden

We will also work with community members to construct demonstration rain gardens as part of this project.  We feel this will help encourage homeowners to participate in the rain garden rebate program.

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