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General Information


  • The Demonstration Rain Garden - Journal of Extension, April 2008
    This article describes how a demonstration project can be a useful educational tool and highlights the successes of the Union County, New Jersey demonstration program—a collaborative effort between, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Union County, the Water Resources Program, Master Gardeners and local stakeholders.
  • Bioretention Column Study: Fecal Coliform and Total Suspended Solids ReductionsTransactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.  2007. 50(4):1261-1269


  • Rain Garden/Bioretention Research & Extension Symposium
    May 29-30, 2008, New Brunswick, New Jersey

    The purpose of the symposium was to cover a wide range of related topics through presentations from the experts in the area of bioretention systems/rain gardens and related stormwater management topics. Researchers shared their latest research findings. Background information about the beginnings of bioretention will be presented along with case studies of implementation and education projects.

Other Resources:
Disclaimer: Some of these resources have been developed for regions that do not include New Jersey.  Please consider this in terms of plant selection, climate, soil type and terrain.


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